Drug Rehab in Edmond, OK

Where can you turn when you or someone you care about is struggling with addiction? Once substance abuse has wrapped its tendrils around you, it can be difficult to determine how to escape. Fortunately, at Awakenings Treatment Services in Edmond, Oklahoma, our team of well-trained and friendly specialists are waiting to provide you with the essential tools to face and overcome addiction. At our substance abuse treatment facility, we can get you the help you need to reach and maintain your recovery goals. There’s no better way to combat addiction than to take part in an addiction recovery program, and at Awakenings Treatment Services, we’re eager to provide you with the care you need.

At Awakenings Treatment Services, you’ll start with a comprehensive intake interview with one of our on-site addiction specialists. During this interview, you’ll be asked a plethora of questions, which will include a variety of different subjects. However, whether you’re being asked about your personal history of addiction or any history of addiction that your family might have, it is of paramount importance that you are honest with the intake specialist. This is because the information gathered during this interview will inform the creation of your personalized addiction recovery treatment plan. At our drug rehab clinic, we recognize that a standardized treatment schedule, blindly applied to every person who walks through our door, is simply not effective!

At Awakenings Treatment Services in Edmond, Oklahoma, we emphasize providing each and every client with a completely customized treatment plan. Our extensive experience running an addiction recovery program has afforded us the experience to identify which methods of treatment are more effective than others, which is why we know that a one-size-fits-all plan simply doesn’t work well enough for our clients! Instead, a customized addiction recovery program gives a better chance at reaching recovery, by identifying the areas where clients need the most care and adjusting treatment accordingly.

Once we’ve concocted an addiction recovery plan that targets the areas where you need the most help, you’ll enter the first stage of addiction recovery: detoxification. During detox, the toxins left behind by substance abuse will be purged from your body. This process can be intensely uncomfortable, and may be accompanied by symptoms of withdrawal. When someone tries to go “cold turkey” and move beyond substance abuse simply through cessation of use, they may experience these symptoms, which at best can be uncomfortable, and at worse can be dangerous.

Fortunately, Awakenings Treatment Services in Edmond, Oklahoma offers a solution: supervised detox. During supervised detox, you’ll be monitored by our staff round the clock as your body purges itself of any remaining toxins. Not only does this mean you’ll have the benefit of personal support as you go through the detox process, you can also rest assured that any safety hazards will be appropriately dealt with thanks to the assistance of our experienced staff. In addition to providing you with peace of mind, supervised detox also ensure that you won’t fall prey to the temptation to return to substance abuse.

Recovery is an ongoing process, and at Awakenings Treatment Services in Edmond, Oklahoma, we recognize that. That’s why every client who graduates from our addiction recovery program is given a full aftercare schedule of treatment. Like every other plan we provide at our drug rehab clinic, aftercare plans are specifically tailored to the specific needs of the client, allowing the best possible care.

At Awakenings Treatment Services in Edmond, Oklahoma, we have the tools necessary to provide you or your loved one with the necessary care to defeat addiction. Don’t struggle for another day -- contact our substance abuse treatment facility today!