Drug Rehab in Cleveland, OH

For adults struggling with chemical dependency and co-occurring mental health disorders, Awakenings Treatment Services offers integrated and comprehensive addiction treatment programs and outpatient services. Supervised detox is also available.

Our program takes into consideration that there are biological, psychological, and social factors to address when treating mental addiction and chemical dependency. The first step in determining your unique factors is an assessment at our addiction treatment center in Cleveland, Ohio.


Our highly trained clinical team creates a comprehensive and integrated care plan for each of our clients. We explore current substance use, psychiatric and physical history, present symptoms, and the overall effects of addiction on a person's life.


When withdrawing from addictive substances, people with addictions to drugs or experience intense physical and emotional changes and discomfort. A detox is the time period in which the body and brain are reacting to a stop in using substances. Our drug detox clinic in Cleveland keeps clients comfortable and safe during detox.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment at an Addiction Recovery Center

Dual diagnosis is when an individual who has an addiction also has a mental or emotional illness. Some examples of the illnesses common in people with addictions are depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. Our Cleveland substance abuse treatment facility treats dual diagnosis using psychiatric treatment in addition to drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.

Individualized Treatment at Our Addiction Recovery Center

Whether clients attend inpatient or outpatient rehab, Awakenings Treatment Services develops individualized treatment plans based on a person's unique needs and circumstances. We make sure to evaluate lifestyle, preexisting conditions, types of drugs, religious beliefs and many other factors. Our goal is to get a complete picture for developing the most effective plans of care.

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment at Our Addiction Treatment Facility in Cleveland, Ohio

Many types of therapies for addiction treatment are available in our inpatient or outpatient addiction recovery program. In our inpatient program, clients live at the addiction recovery facility and in our outpatient program, clients attend sessions on a flexible, part-time schedule.


It takes time for the brain to heal from addiction. Time spent in our Cleveland drug rehab facility helps you reduce cravings, learn new behaviors, and acquire needed skills to avoid relapse.

Clients attend individual therapy sessions. In addition, each client participates in group meetings with other clients and a counselor. Group therapy offers clients the opportunity to work through issues and concentrate on recovery work. Group therapy also educates about particular issues that may lead to relapse.

Groups offer clients the opportunity to give peer support, and to accept the support of others. This giving and receiving of support fosters a sense of community and safety within the program.

Aftercare Services

Support from Awakenings Treatment Services doesn't end once inpatient or outpatient treatment at an addiction treatment facility is completed. Upon discharge from the program, clients receive long-term support through our extensive aftercare program. Program offerings include individual counseling sessions, group therapy meetings, community support, and transitional housing opportunities.

Contact Awakenings Today to Get Started on the Road to Recovery

Time in treatment gives you the chance to re-evaluate the unhealthy relationships and behaviors that lead to your addiction. It also gives you the opportunity to choose healthier behaviors leading to a sober life that's from free substances. Your time in rehab also gives your family the opportunity to heal from the profound effects your addiction has had on them.

You give us your time and commitment. Awakenings Treatment Services provides the care needed to help you reach your recovery goals.

At our Cleveland drug rehab center, we work diligently to form treatment teams and addiction recovery programs to help you make the necessary changes for a sober life.

Contact us today to find out more information. We are happy to talk about our different programs, lengths of stay, and other factors for your particular situation. Contacting us is the first important step to a more rewarding, fulfilling, and healthier life in recovery.