Drug Rehab in Jackson, MS

The quest for a sober, healthy life is difficult but possible to achieve. It requires a lifelong commitment, persistence, and hard work. However, the benefits gained from this commitment are immense and worth the effort. The journey to addiction recovery starts with choosing the right drug rehab facility. Awakenings Treatment Services drug rehab centers are well equipped to handle a wide range of potential drug abuse complications including emotional distress, specific drugs that are abused, co-occurring mental health issues, withdrawal symptoms, and psychological distress among others.

The rehabilitation process varies depending on the individual seeking treatment, the level and type of addiction, and the treatment plan designed to meet personal needs. Here are the steps we will take at our addiction treatment facility in Jackson, Mississippi to ensure you become sober again and have the tools to stay that way indefinitely.


The rehabilitation process at our Jackson substance abuse treatment facility starts with our clients undergoing diagnostic screenings or tests to best determine a treatment plan that suits their individual needs. We create a favorable environment where our clients can talk freely and honestly about their family history of addiction, personal drug use, and severity of the addiction.

We will also assess your mental health, physical history, and the events that led to your drug addiction. Please bear in mind that we are not interrogating you, but trying to get an idea of what treatment option is best for you. Although it might seem tempting to lie about your drug use, we encourage you to be open to our staff members.


Our drug detox clinic in Jackson is well equipped to handle your drug detoxification. Detox is meant to remove all indications of alcohol and drugs from your body. It is important to note that the severity of this process varies according to the specific drug and dosage that has been taken, which substance has been taken, the individual’s unique body metabolism and composition, and if there are other addictions involved. It is because of this potential severity that we supervise our detoxification process to ensure it is safe.


Rehabilitation at our addiction recovery facility in Jackson begins after careful removal of the harmful substances that keep you addicted from your body. This is the point where we also bring in dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Around half of people abusing drugs are also dealing with a co-occurring mental health disorder. Therefore, we know that these issues should be treated concurrently.

Through cognitive behavioral therapy, we manage to examine our client's’ negative behavioral patterns and help them shift their undesired thought patterns. This way, the client’s self-esteem is restored, allowing inner motivation to take over, and this discourages the use of alcohol and drugs. We combine both group and individual therapy to produce optimal results.


At our addiction treatment center in Jackson, we do understand that recovery is a long-term process that requires ongoing work and attention. We understand that it might be difficult to withstand the enticement to use drugs again and that our clients may need our lifelong support. That is why we have a community of support groups within our addiction recovery center. Clients can act as their own extended support group and help each other overcome their drug addiction and further their mental health. This provides a supportive transitional period for those recovering from drug addiction before they go back to their daily lives.

Are you are in Jackson and in need of a rehabilitation facility that will offer a successful addiction recovery program for you or your loved one? Awakenings Treatment Services rehabilitation centers provide a support system and housing to allow you recover from your drug addiction. We will give you an opportunity to learn how different drugs affect your brain, improve your sense of self-worth, teach you coping skills, and learn healthy techniques to manage stress. You will leave our facility with increased motivation to live a life without the harmful substances. Moreover, you will have the ability to develop and sustain healthy relationships with others. Come see what real support feels like.