Drug Rehab in Orlando, FL

Drug addiction is a persistent disease characterized by unquenchable drug seeking and use, even though you are well aware of its harmful consequences. This disease can even cause a relapse, meaning the person may go back to using drugs after attempting to stop. Is drug addiction treatable? The answer is yes, it is, but it is not simple! Since it's a chronic disease, people who are addicted to drugs can't just stop using drugs and instantly become cured. Most people need repeating or long-term care to stop using drugs altogether and redeem their lives. That is why it is advisable for a person suffering from drug addiction to get help from a drug rehab facility.

At Awakenings Treatment Services, our addiction recovery facility in Orlando, Florida, we use drug rehabilitation processes and approaches that suit the individual needs of every client. Here is an overview of how our drug rehab centers will help you with your journey to sobriety.


We start our rehabilitation process with an evaluation. Our addiction treatment facility has the medical staff that will screen you to gauge your level of addiction, health state, and personal addiction recovery needs. This way, they will be able to create a precise treatment program that suits your individual needs.

Drug Detox

At our substance abuse treatment facility in Orlando, Florida, we understand that there are substances that are easier on the body, and some that are harsh and can create caustic withdrawal symptoms while leaving the system. We provide supervised detox to our clients, especially those who have suffered chronic and long-term addiction. The medical staff at the drug detox clinic will monitor your condition 24/7 and make sure that the detox process is as comfortable as possible.

Psychotherapy and Behavioral Treatment

This is the most important phase of our addiction recovery program. Since we understand the importance of dual diagnosis treatment, we have certified counselors at our drug addiction centers that help clients establish the foundation for future sobriety by tackling addiction issues that emanate from inward mental and emotional conditions. Our counselors create a favorable environment that encourages our clients to speak with honesty. This way, they can find the principle cause of the problem and help the client adapt new behaviors, thoughts, and patterns to be able to change their outcomes.

Aftercare Services

At our addiction treatment center in Orlando, Florida, we understand that recovery is an ongoing process that doesn't end after the rehabilitation program. There are many challenges, such as triggers and cravings that can prompt one to use drugs again, leading to relapse. We have a community support group within our centers that provides support group attendance, sober living facilities, and transitional houses. We also offer life skills development to ensure that our clients get out with the right tools to help them tackle life effectively.

Inpatient or Outpatient: Which One is Best for You?

As to whether you will need inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation will greatly depend on your environment. People in supportive environments can continue with their daily lives and still seek outpatient treatment.

On the other hand, individuals who need a major environmental transformation and those who cannot avoid a relapse should consider attending an inpatient addiction recovery center. If you are unable to determine which one is best for you, there is no need to worry, because after our assessment we will be able to advise you accordingly.

Several factors contribute to a successful rehabilitation program. The greatest one of all is the ability for clients to talk openly about their thoughts and emotions. Our rehab center in Orlando, Florida promotes a safe and comfortable environment that enables our clients to open up about their issues. We make our clients know that we are there to help and not to judge them. You will feel at home, interact with people who are going through the same issues as you, and get the proper treatment that will lead you to sobriety.