Drug Rehab in Coral Gables, FL

Learn More About Drug Addiction Program

The measures a person will take to overcome drug addiction in a substance abuse treatment facility depends on the kind of addiction and the treatment plan that is used. The journey toward recovery is hard, and it requires hard work and commitment. The drug rehab centers do share fundamental key elements such as client intake, detoxification, rehabilitation, and continuous recovery.

Intake involves the determination of whether the drug rehab facility is fit for a client. A person who is looking for an excellent addiction recovery assistance will need to consider several questions. Before admission, the addiction recovery center will need to ask the client numerous questions. The client might even be called upon to undergo some diagnostic tests. This is done in an addiction recovery facility to understand the client better so as to meet their needs. The addiction treatment center will be interested in getting information that is related to the severity of the addiction, history of the client’s addiction, and how the client plans to pay for the services.

Because there are many rehabilitation centers, it is important that a client chooses an addiction treatment facility that will be a good match for them. A client who is comfortable with their choice of a drug detox clinic should feel empowered to continue taking part in the program through the end of the treatment plan. Sticking to the treatment plan will boost the chance of succeeding in the fight against addiction.

Some principles should be kept in mind before commencement of an addiction recovery program. A person should understand that drug abuse affects the brain and general behavior of the client. Rehabilitation facilities can provide inpatient services, outpatient services or a combination of both. Regardless of the service that the client may choose, the intake process is similar because both processes are handled by trained counselors at the facility.

In an inpatient treatment program, the client is placed in a facility where he is monitored all the time. Inpatient treatment gets rid of client stress because they are away from tempting situations. Inpatient treatment is recommended to clients who have been battling addictions for a long time. An inpatient therapy can be done either in a hospital or a residential facility.

Luxury inpatient facilities are known to provide enjoyable and first class amenities that make the client's stay as pleasant as possible. Those who are struggling with addiction but juggle too many responsibilities may require outpatient treatment. This kind of setting allows professionals to maintain their busy schedule while still undergoing the therapy process.

Outpatient programs are not very different from the inpatient ones. The only difference is that the clients who opt for the outpatient model of treatment are allowed to go back home every evening after the treatment. This kind of therapy is aimed at those who have various engagements. That sort of treatment is recommended to the clients who have mild addictions. However, this program is not suitable for those who have been battling addiction for a long time.

Before the rehabilitation process can start at our center in Coral Gables, Florida, a client is supposed first to undergo the process of detoxification. This process is aimed at removing the traces of drugs from the body system.

The effectiveness of the detoxification process is determined by the client’s body metabolism and composition, duration of the addiction, and dosage. Detoxification is a safe procedure if professionals do it under a supervised setting. Clients are not advised to undergo detoxification on their own at home without the supervision of a trained health care professional, but instead, to seek our help here at Awakenings Treatment Services in Coral Gables, Florida.