Drug Rehab in Los Angeles, CA

When you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, getting sober can be challenging. With the assistance of a professional drug rehab center, you can attain your goal. At our Los Angeles, California substance abuse treatment facility, we understand the challenge of recovering from a drug addiction. Our caring staff is here to help you during your time of need. Among the most common questions that clients and their families have is how to find the best drug rehab facility. It should be understood that every addiction recovery center is different and offers a different approach. For this reason, anyone considering addiction recovery, should consider what is most important in regards to their needs. At Awakenings Treatment Services in Los Angeles, we understand those needs, and we’re here to provide the help you require.

At our addiction recovery facility in Los Angeles, California, we are pleased to offer a high success rate, which is an important factor to consider in choosing a facility. In choosing a rehab facility, be sure to ask questions about the center’s success rate after the client has returned home. This information can be helpful in assisting you in making a decision about whether the program is an appropriate choice for your needs.

The best addiction treatment center will also offer a personalized treatment plan based on your specific needs rather than a one-size-fits all program. This is typically handled through a clinical evaluation. Your treatment plan should address your individual needs. The types of services offered in a treatment facility can vary. For instance, some facilities may offer academic and career guidance, as both can be affected by an individual’s addiction. Individual goal setting may also be available. Asking questions and understanding the services offered by a program will ensure you find the best drug rehab facility for your needs or those of your loved one.

Another factor to consider when choosing an addiction treatment facility is the types of counseling services offered. Many facilities offer both individual as well as group counseling. Both forms of counseling can be beneficial to the recovery process. Many clients find that the ability to speak openly in a supportive environment with other individuals who have had the same experiences can be helpful to their overall recovery process.

It’s also important for the addiction recovery program to provide dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Many times, individuals entering an addiction recovery facility suffer from more than one condition. Failure to properly diagnose and address all co-occurring mental health concerns can impair the recovery process. At our substance abuse treatment facility in Los Angeles, California, we provide dual diagnosis to provide applicable clients for an optimal opportunity at lasting recovery.

The facility should also provide supervised detoxification. A professional drug detox clinic can provide clients with the managed care they need while toxins are eliminated from the body. This process typically takes place following the clinical evaluation and is crucial to successful recovery. Around-the-clock care can provide clients with the comfort and supervision necessary to successful complete detox and move on to the next step in the recovery process.

Prior to deciding on an addiction treatment facility, it’s also important to consider the level of aftercare services offered by the center. While in treatment, clients receive a variety of services to assist them in understanding addiction, the factors that may have contributed to their addiction, and the best ways to avoid relapse after leaving treatment. Even so, returning home can be challenging for many people. For this reason, the addiction treatment center should provide ongoing aftercare services, including group and individual counseling, to assist clients in their continued efforts to remain drug-free after leaving treatment. Aftercare services may also include the option to initially transition to a halfway house prior to returning home.

Regardless of how long you or your loved one may have suffered from addiction, it is never too late to begin a new life. Attending a professional drug addiction center can provide you with the resources you need to start a new life.