Drug Rehab in Huntington Beach, CA

Detox Center with a Home Touch

At Awakenings Treatment Services and our drug rehab center in Huntington Beach, California, we understand the importance and urgency of addiction recovery. At our renowned drug detox clinic, clients who participate in our addiction recovery program are promised only the very best and most progressive treatment available.

Awakenings drug rehab centers understand that addiction recovery starts with the mind. While some drug detox clinics and addiction recovery center may focus on other methods to wean their clients from drugs and alcohol, we take a more holistic approach. At our Huntington Beach addiction recovery facility, we believe in exploring treatment options, and finding our way to the root cause. More often than not, this permits us to delve deep into our client's’ mental health, establishing a rapport with them. Trust and bonding are essential, urgent needs when it comes to our clients’ treatment, and we pride ourselves on the relationships we’re able to form with each of them. We conduct a dual diagnosis screening for our clients, uncovering the underlying mental causes, allowing them to receive proper treatment. In addition, clients learn to help each other as they form support groups, and bond with one another.

At our addiction treatment facility in Huntington Beach, we monitor our clients in what’s known as a supervised detox. We’re there to stand by them every step of the way. One of the most painful feelings, that often drives people to see the good feelings of substances, is the feeling of being alone. We never want our clients to feel this in our addiction treatment centers, as our professionals and counselors are always available to our clients. Recovery is tough, there’s no doubt about it. The least we can do is insure that someone is there to guide you through it.

Often, our clients’ treatment will begin with a detox, supervised and monitored by our extensively trained professionals. Therapy is included at our Huntington drug rehab facility, where our clients will meet with both an experienced therapist and other clients participating in the program. While these are basic elements to our substance abuse treatment facility, please keep in mind that as our client, the program and treatment plan will be tailored specifically to you! Every case of addiction is different, right down to the recovery. What works for somebody else may not work for you on this very personal journey. Our program is not “one-size-fits-all,” and as a rapport is developed between client and professional, we’ll be better able to understand your needs.

In therapy, our clients learn to speak honestly about their thoughts and what may be troubling them. Our trained counselors are experts at diving into the root cause of our clients’ needs, and while building a community with other participants, our clients become prepared for reintroduction to society. There’s no air of judgment in our facility; we don’t allow it. While everyone’s needs are different, and we accept clients from all walks of life, struggles may be similar. Finding common ground, being able to relate to each other, and forming a community are essential in the success of your treatment.

Our facility is clean, up to date with state-of-the-art technology, but most importantly, it’s safe. While under the care of our wonderful professionals, there’s no need to worry. Our facilities are secure, and reminiscent of a cozy home. While we provide all the amenities and necessary items to keep our clients safe and promoting their treatment, reintroduction may be tricky. After leaving Awakenings Treatment Services Huntington Beach rehab facility, we hope that you will be equipped with coping skills to protect yourself and your well-being.